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Stay Alive

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Stay Alive

05:39Techno (Peak Time)138 BPMA
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I earn from a release at SetFreaks?

To illustrate what you can earn from a release at SetFreaks, we've created a calculator. If you want to check it out yourself, you can find it here. At the top, there's a slider where you can set the number of copies you want to sell. The default is 75, but you can go higher or lower. Some artists actually prefer to limit their release to a small number of copies to create more hype. The slider below that allows you to set the track price, starting at 5.99 and going up. The recoupable costs associated with every release are 79 euros per release and 99 cents per copy. The 99 cents per copy cover expenses for watermarking, fingerprinting, and transaction fees. SetFreaks works on a 50-50 basis, meaning the artist gets 50% of the earnings. Of course, you can also generate additional income from streaming and publishing.

How do I prepare my release after it has been approved?

First, make sure you're logged into your SetFreaks account. Head over to 'My Tracks' and find the release that has been approved. You'll notice that the artist's name and title are already filled in, along with the genre. Next you need to fill in the BPM and the key of the track, and you need to enter a message for the buyer certificate. After that, upload your master file. Don't forget to upload your cover image, but remember, the photo should not be too dark as we'll be removing the background later in the process.

If you have additional composers or songwriters involved in your track, you can enter their information here. Next, you'll need to fill in your IPI code if you're a member of a performance rights organization (PRO). If this isn't the case, you can leave it empty for now. If you don't have a publisher, SetFreaks can help arrange the publishing for you. But if you do, click 'yes' and provide the publisher company name and the publisher IPI code. If you're unsure about the IPI code, don't hesitate to reach out to your publisher for assistance.

We'll need some information to create a unique artist page for you. Start with your biography. Make sure it's up to date and provides insight into your musical journey. Then, answer a few questions we have for you. Be as detailed as possible, as this will help us craft the perfect artist page for you. Once you've filled in all the necessary information and answered the questions, you can check the box indicating that you're done. We'll start working on writing the article about you and your music when you hit 'save.' After this, you can expect to receive a contract, your social media pack, and more information about your release.

How do I upload my demo to SetFreaks?

Head to the website and click on login. Click on 'drop your demo' and then click on 'upload your demo now'. Next fill in your first name, last name and your artist name, the optional referral code and your artist links. Try to fill in as many as you can. Now you can upload the mp3 file of your track, write down the track name, choose the genre, make sure you agree to the terms and conditions and confirm to own all the rights. After you've done so you can click complete. If the upload of your demo has been successful, you can expect a reply within a couple of days.

Can I be notified about the upcoming tracks of a particular artist?

Yes, you can follow an artist on our website. You will receive an email when this artist releases a new track on SetFreaks.

Can I be notified about new or upcoming releases?

Yes, you can sign up for our newsletter here or keep an eye on the Coming Soon section of our website. There, you can click on 'Get notified' and you will receive an email a few hours before the track is released.