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About Broken Robot

Discover the Rising Star of the Czech Techno Scene

Broken Robot, the talented techno DJ and producer, has been taking the electronic music scene by storm. Known for his unique sound and high-energy performances, this Czech artist has quickly gained recognition and a growing fan base. Today, we explore the journey of Broken Robot and why his limited-edition tracks on SetFreaks are a must-have for every techno enthusiast.

A Remarkable Journey

In 2018, the enigmatic techno artist known as Broken Robot emerged onto the scene. His career has since skyrocketed, gracing the stages of legendary clubs like Roxy and District7 Club. With standout performances at events such as Apokalypsa in Brno and Cube Events, Broken Robot has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Czech techno scene.

The Sound: Techno Balance

Broken Robot's sound is both unique and captivating. Drawing inspiration from hard techno, his music retains a certain cheerfulness, creating a perfect balance between extremes. This signature sound is difficult to describe in words; it must be experienced on the dance floor.

Notable Releases

Broken Robot's techno tracks have been featured on several prominent record labels, including:

  • Orange Recordings
  • Say What?
  • Codex
  • Off Recordings
  • Airborne Black

Most Popular Tracks

Broken Robot's top five tracks, as loved by fans, are:

  1. Anatis Original Mix (Prospect Records)
  2. About You Original Mix (Codex Recordings)
  3. Acid Duck Original Mix (Say What?)
  4. Pressure Original Mix (Off Recordings)
  5. Musical Prostitute Original Mix (Orange Recordings)

Fan Base Locations

Broken Robot's fan base is spread across the globe, with the highest concentration in the following countries:

  1. Germany (39.53%)
  2. Netherlands (18.18%)
  3. Spain (7.91%)
  4. Colombia (3.95%)
  5. United Kingdom (3.16%)

SetFreaks: Limited Edition Tracks

By offering limited-edition tracks on SetFreaks, Broken Robot generates excitement around each release, giving fans and fellow DJs the opportunity to own exclusive music. This approach allows DJs to create unique sets that only a select few can replicate.

Why You Need Broken Robot's SetFreaks Releases

Broken Robot's limited-edition tracks on SetFreaks are a must-have for techno enthusiasts who want to stay ahead of the curve. By collecting and playing these exclusive tracks, you'll be part of an elite group of fans and DJs who share a passion for innovative and fresh techno sounds.

Broken Robot's meteoric rise in the techno world is no accident. With a unique sound that balances hard techno and cheerful notes, this artist captivates audiences worldwide. Don't miss your chance to own limited-edition Broken Robot tracks on SetFreaks and immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of techno music.


FAQs about Broken Robot

What does Broken Robot have planned for the future?

While specific plans may vary, fans can expect Broken Robot to continue pushing the boundaries of techno music with innovative tracks, unforgettable performances, and exciting collaborations. Stay tuned to his SetFreaks profile and social media for the latest updates on his journey.

How can fans stay updated on Broken Robot’s latest releases, performances, and news?

Fans can follow Broken Robot on social media platforms and SetFreaks, where they can find information on upcoming releases, tour dates, and other news related to the artist.

Are there any collaborations or remixes with other artists that Broken Robot has been involved in?

Broken Robot has worked with several artists, but details of specific collaborations or remixes may vary over time. Fans can keep an eye on his social media and SetFreaks profile for the latest updates.

How does Broken Robot’s limited-edition approach on SetFreaks benefit his fans and fellow DJs?

By offering limited-edition tracks on SetFreaks, Broken Robot generates excitement around each release, giving fans and fellow DJs the opportunity to own exclusive music and create unique sets.

Which countries have the largest fan base for Broken Robot?

The largest fan base for Broken Robot is in Germany, followed by the Netherlands, Spain, Colombia, and the United Kingdom.

What are Broken Robot’s top 5 tracks?

Broken Robot's most popular tracks include Anatis Original Mix, About You Original Mix, Acid Duck Original Mix, Pressure Original Mix, and Musical Prostitute Original Mix.

Which record labels has Broken Robot released music on?

Broken Robot has released music on various prestigious labels, such as Orange Recordings, Say What?, Codex, Off Recordings, and Airborne Black.

What are some notable venues where Broken Robot has performed?

Broken Robot has graced the stages of iconic clubs like Fabrik Madrid, Culteum Karlsruhe, and Roxy Prague, among others.

How did Broken Robot get his start in the techno scene?

Broken Robot began his techno journey in 2018 with performances in renowned clubs like Roxy and District7 Club, quickly gaining recognition and a growing fan base.

What inspired Broken Robot to create his unique techno sound?

Broken Robot's sound is a fusion of hard techno influences and carefully dosed cheerfulness, creating a balanced and captivating listening experience for his fans.