Our Mission: The Future of Electronic Music

SetFreaks is a platform that takes a new approach to releasing, collecting and monetizing digital electronic music.
We strictly offer music as limited edition tracks. This allows artists to build more hype around their releases and take the spotlight on our website. As a DJ, you can make your sets more exclusive by playing tracks only a handful of other lucky DJs have.

White Label Releases

You might recognize this from the White Label (vinyl) releases that often were put into circulation in a limited edition back in the day, thus creating scarcity and uniqueness. A label would produce such White Labels when they were too hesitant to immediately press thousands of copies of a track. To see if a track would sell, they started by pressing a limited amount of copies. The nice thing about this was that if you bought a White Label copy as a DJ, you had a record of which there were only a few copies. You had something unique to add to your sets. We are bringing this feeling of excitement back into the electronic music industry for digital downloads.

A Unique Experience

With SetFreaks, we are bringing back the concept of the white label on a digital platform. Many music-selling websites release thousands of tracks every day. As a DJ, this is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and your sets are not as exclusive as they could be because everyone tends to buy their tracks from the top 100 bestselling ones. As a result, you will hear the same track multiple times at certain festivals or club nights. At SetFreaks, we sell exclusive, limited-edition music so that DJ sets and listeners' experiences become special and unique again.

Producers: Stand out with your limited edition digital tracks and give your music the exposure it deserves. Create a hype of exclusivity.

DJs: Make your sets unique again by purchasing limited edition tracks. Buy music almost no one else has.

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