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What is a white-label release?

A white-label release is a track that is released on SetFreaks by an artist who doesn't want to be in the spotlight. The original producer of such a track will therefore not be revealed. Alternatively, a white label can also be produced by a 'mystery guest'. After the buying time has expired, the artist will be revealed.

Does SetFreaks sell NFTs?

No, the tracks released on SetFreaks are not NFTs. There are several differences, but the biggest difference is that the music you buy through SetFreaks cannot be resold.

Will tracks that are sold out be available elsewhere?

Yes, a given time after the buying time has expired, the streaming version of the track will be available on various streaming platforms.

How do I know if a track is (almost) sold out?

Below every release, there is a bar on our website that shows the number of available copies of the track. For the tracks you have added to your favourites, you will receive an email when the track is almost sold out or when the buying time is about to expire. So add the tracks you want to be notified about to your favourites.

What does ‘exclusive limited edition music’ mean?

The tracks on our platform have a limited number of copies. When the copies are sold out or the buying time has expired, the track is no longer available. After four months, fans who have not been able to buy a copy will be able to listen to the track on streaming platforms.