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About Cristian Varela

Cristian Varela: The Techno Pioneer Changing the Game

In the world of electronic music, few artists have made as significant an impact as Cristian Varela. Hailing from Madrid, this pioneering producer and DJ have played a crucial role in shaping the Spanish industry as we know it today. With a busy schedule that takes him all over the world, Cristian is one of the most in-demand artists in the scene, and for a good reason.

As a DJ, Cristian's 6-Six Vinyl shows are truly unique and a true testament to his ability to join the wires between past, present, and future. As a producer, he has run one of the most esteemed projects in electronic music, Black Codes Experiments, since 2003. The label has earned a reputation as one of the most prestigious, forward-thinking brands on the international electronic music circuit, with a focus on futuristic sounds and beats that keep audiences dancing in unity.

Cristian's music is enjoyed by fans worldwide, with Spain being the largest fanbase, followed by Mexico, Japan, and Germany. However, his music is not limited to just these countries. Cristian's weekly radio show is syndicated in over 100 specialized techno stations in more than 50 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, and the Netherlands.

SetFreaks is proud to offer Cristian Varela's music as limited edition tracks, giving fans the opportunity to own a piece of history. With this exclusive approach, artists like Cristian can build even more hype around their releases, making them even more special to fans. DJs can also make their sets even more exclusive by playing tracks that only a handful of other lucky DJs have.

Cristian Varela's Top 5 Tracks

Cristian's music has been released on top record labels such as Dolma Records, Dolma Red, Toolroom Trax, and of course, Black Codes Experiments. His tracks are played in top clubs in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, and more. Here are Cristian's top 5 tracks that you won't want to miss:

  • Pornogames (A.Paul Remix) - Cristian Varela, A.Paul - Yin Yang

  • Wisdom (Original Mix) - Cristian Varela, Tomy DeClerque - Toolroom Trax

  • Age Of Maschines (Cristian Varela Remix) - DJ Jock, Cristian Varela - Black Codes Experiments

  • Love Perc (Boris Remix) - Cristian Varela, DJ Boris - Intec

  • Ganglio (Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy Remix) - Cristian Varela, Gabriel D'or & Bordoy - Selected Records

Each of these tracks showcases Cristian's unparalleled ability to blend techno, peak time driving, and electro (classic/Detroit/modern) sounds to create something truly unique. These tracks are sure to get audiences moving and keep them dancing all night long.

Cristian Varela is a true colonist in the world of electronic music. With a busy schedule that takes him all over the world, his music is enjoyed by fans in countries all over the world. SetFreaks is proud to offer his music as limited edition tracks, giving fans the opportunity to own a piece of history and making DJ sets even more exclusive. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of Cristian Varela's music and be a part of the techno revolution that he is leading.


FAQs about Cristian Varela

What is Cristian Varela’s personal philosophy as a producer and DJ?

As a producer and DJ, Cristian Varela's personal philosophy is to create futuristic, enthusiastic music that unites people through the shared experience of dancing to electronic sounds and beats. He aims to create a strong alliance through his music and keep people dancing in unity.

What awards has Cristian Varela won?

Cristian Varela has won several awards throughout his career, including recognition for his father's role in the Spanish electronic music industry.

Where is Cristian Varela most frequently played?

Cristian Varela is most frequently played at clubs in Madrid, North, South, Barcelona, and Ibiza, Spain. Some of his most popular venues include Fabrik, La Riviera, Livestream, Space Ibiza, and Egg London.

Where can fans listen to Cristian Varela’s weekly radio show?

Fans can listen to Cristian Varela's weekly radio show on Bloop London Radio and all his shows that are syndicated in Europe, the USA, South America, and Asia via more than 100 specialized techno stations in more than 50 countries.

Where is Cristian Varela’s largest fanbase located?

Cristian Varela's largest fanbase is located in Spain, followed by Mexico, Japan, Germany, and Colombia.

What are some of Cristian Varela’s most popular tracks?

Some of Cristian Varela's most popular tracks include Pornogames (A.Paul Remix), Wisdom (Original Mix), Age Of Machines (Cristian Varela Remix), Love Perc (Boris Remix), and Ganglio (Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy Remix).

What record labels have Cristian Varela released music on?

Cristian Varela has released music on Dolma Records, Dolma Red, Toolroom Trax, and Black Codes Experiments.

What kind of music does Cristian Varela produce?

Cristian Varela produces techno, peak time driving, and electro (classic, Detroit, modern) music.

What is Cristian Varela known for?

Cristian Varela is known for being a great techno producer and DJ, playing a crucial role in building the Spanish electronic music industry. He is also the owner and founder of the Black Codes Experiments imprint.

When was Cristian Varela born and where is he from?

Cristian Varela was born on January 26, 1967, in Madrid, Spain.