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About Delux Twins

The Groove Masters of Electronic Music

From the heart of Brasilia, the Delux Twins, Andre and Lucas, have emerged as a dynamic and influential duo in the electronic music scene. Their signature sound, deeply rooted in House, has garnered considerable attention both nationally and internationally, catapulting them into the spotlight of Beatport's best-selling productions.

Limited Edition Tracks on SetFreaks

SetFreaks, the innovative platform for releasing, collecting, and monetizing digital electronic music, offers the perfect avenue for Delux Twins to share their unique sound. With a strict focus on limited-edition tracks, SetFreaks allows artists like Delux Twins to generate excitement around their releases and truly stand out.

This exclusivity also benefits DJs who want to add a unique spin to their sets. Imagine playing a track from Delux Twins that only a select few have access to. The exclusivity of these tracks can make every set feel like a VIP experience.

About the Delux Twins

In the realm of electronic music, few can match the groovy and meticulously curated beats of Delux Twins. Born and raised in Brasilia, the twins have been inseparable since birth, which is evident in their harmonious and cohesive music production.

Their performances have graced some of the most prestigious electronic music events, with their highlight being the headline act at the Universo Paralello 2022 festival in Bahia, Brazil. Their shows are a testament to their prowess, resonating with an infectious groove and musical depth.

Record Label Releases

Delux Twins' music has found homes across multiple record labels, including:

  1. Hot Fuss
  2. Hub Records
  3. Clover Records
  4. Ole Records
  5. Candy Flip

These collaborations have expanded their reach and influence, contributing to their growing popularity within the electronic music community.

Fan Favorites: Top 5 Tracks

Fans of the Delux Twins have a roster of hit tracks to enjoy. Among these, the top 5 most popular tracks include:

  1. Delux Twins - Deal
  2. Delux Twins - Wait For The Drums
  3. Delux Twins - Erasure
  4. Delux Twins - Anyway
  5. Delux Twins - Tus Labios

Each track offers a unique blend of beats and rhythms that will keep you dancing all night long.

Remix Magic: C'hantal - The Realm

The Delux Twins have also shown their prowess in remixing, with their take on C'hantal's "The Realm" providing a fresh perspective to the original track.

Studio Setup: Crafting the Groove

The Delux Twins use an impressive studio setup to create their music. This includes:

  • Yamaha HS5
  • Focusrite Scarlet 2i2
  • Macbook Pro
  • ATH-M50x

This setup allows them to fine-tune their sounds, ensuring each track delivers a high-quality listening experience.

Final Words

If you're a fan of the Delux Twins, keep your eyes on SetFreaks for their limited-edition releases. Their music promises a groovy journey that will keep you moving and craving for more. Don't miss out on the chance to be one of the lucky few to own their exclusive tracks.


FAQs about Delux Twins

Where can I find new releases from the Delux Twins?

Keep an eye on SetFreaks for new limited-edition releases from the Delux Twins. It's an excellent opportunity to be one of the few to own their exclusive tracks.

What is their relationship with SetFreaks?

The Delux Twins release their music on SetFreaks, a platform that offers limited-edition tracks, enabling them to build more hype around their releases.

Are there any fun facts about the Delux Twins?

A fun fact about the Delux Twins is that they are indeed twins, which adds a unique dynamic to their music production process.

What equipment do they use in their studio setup?

Their studio setup includes a Yamaha HS5, Focusrite Scarlet 2i2, a Macbook Pro, and ATH-M50x headphones.

Have they done any notable remixes?

Yes, they've made a popular remix of C'hantal's "The Realm".

What is their most popular track?

All their tracks are well-loved, but some of the top fan favorites include "Deal", "Wait For The Drums", "Erasure", "Anyway", and "Tus Labios".

What record labels have the Delux Twins released music with?

The Delux Twins have released music on several labels, including Hot Fuss, Hub Records, Clover Records, Ole Records, and Candy Flip.

Where have the Delux Twins performed?

They have performed at many major electronic music events, with a highlight being their headline act at the Universo Paralello 2022 festival in Bahia, Brazil.

What genre of music do the Delux Twins produce?

The Delux Twins primarily produce electronic music, with strong influences from House.

What are the Delux Twins’ real names?

The Delux Twins are André and Lucas, identical twins born and raised in Brasilia, Brazil.