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About D.Mongelos

Introducing D.Mongelos: A Veteran DJ and Producer from Argentina

One of the talented artists who has embraced the SetFreaks platform is D.Mongelos, an Argentine DJ and producer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, D.Mongelos has released music on numerous esteemed labels such as ORANGE RECORDINGS, RESPEKT, IAMT, UNITY RECORDS, STICKRECORDINGS, NATURA VIVA, and RIOT, to name just a few.

His unique sound and exceptional talent have garnered support from giants in the industry including CARL COX, UMEK, RAMON TAPIA, SPEKTRE, SPARTAQUE, ILARIO ALICANTE, MACEO PLEX, and OLIVER LIEB, among others. D.Mongelos' tracks have been featured in important events around the world, including CREAMFIELDS (UK), TOMORROWLAND, ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL (MIAMI), TIME WARP (GERMANY), AWAKENINGS (AMSTERDAM), and even the closing of CARL COX's residency at SPACE IBIZA.

Noteworthy Achievements and Collaborations

D.Mongelos' career is filled with significant achievements. He has been featured three times on IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO and held a residency at the renowned FRISKY RADIO based in New York. In addition, he has edited a compilation for IBIZA under UNIVERSAL MUSIC's German franchise. As a producer, he has twice reached the TOP 100 of sales on BEATPORT and has been recognized as one of the 200 best techno producers according to BEATSTATS of Beatport in 2016.

Collaborations have played a vital role in D.Mongelos' career, working alongside prominent artists such as Deborah Deluca, Dustysoxxx, and creating remixes for artists like Andrea Signore and Superstrobe. These collaborations have allowed him to explore new sounds and push the boundaries of his creativity.

Unforgettable Releases and All-Time Favorites

D.Mongelos has an impressive discography of releases, showcasing his versatility and talent as a producer. Some of his best releases include "No Control," "Fantasy," "Body Rock," "My Old Warehouse," and "Desire." Each track is a testament to his ability to create unique and captivating electronic music.

As a true music lover, D.Mongelos has a few all-time favorite songs that have influenced his journey in the industry. These include "Greece 2000," "Who is Elvis Phenomenia," and every piece of music created by Ramon Tapia.

A Sneak Peek into D.Mongelos' Studio Setup

When it comes to his studio setup, D.Mongelos believes in keeping things simple. His setup includes a Mackie MR 624 monitor, Komplete 2 soundcard, Novation Launch Key keyboard, Xone K2 and F1 for automation with Traktor, a Machine MK1, and a trusty MacBook Pro. With this minimalistic setup, D.Mongelos is able to focus on creating exceptional music that resonates with his audience.

Fun Fact: A Musician with a Love for Sleep and Photography

Beyond his passion for music, D.Mongelos has a few interesting hobbies. He admits to loving sleep and cherishing his free time to take pictures. In fact, he humorously refers to himself as a frustrated photographer. This creative outlet outside of music allows him to explore another form of artistic expression.

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