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About Katze

Introducing Katze - The Melodic Techno Maestro

SetFreaks, the innovative platform that revolutionizes the release, collection, and monetization of digital electronic music, is proud to present Katze, an exceptional artist who is capturing the hearts of techno enthusiasts worldwide.

About Katze

Katze's musical journey began at a young age when he discovered his passion for the guitar and piano. He started his musical career by forming a rock band called "O Shoes," with whom he recorded an album and embarked on a successful tour. However, it was later that he found his true calling in techno music.

Techno became a medium for Katze to express his emotions and nurture his boundless creativity. Known for his love of melodic and synthesizer-driven soundscapes, Katze delivers a unique blend of energy and emotion in his productions.

Katze's music is characterized by its solid feel, quick and nimble action, wide dynamic range, stunning projection, and an authoritative tone with a beautifully defined total core.

Notable Releases

Katze has released his music on esteemed record labels such as Animarum, Sonaxx, Bionic Room, Reload Black, and Sleepless. His tracks have garnered significant attention and praise from both fans and industry professionals.

Some of his best releases include:

  • Keneth: A captivating track that showcases Katze's ability to create mesmerizing melodies and infectious grooves.
  • Ready to Dream: A melodic masterpiece that takes listeners on a euphoric journey through its enchanting soundscapes.
  • STC: An energetic and driving techno anthem that will ignite dancefloors worldwide.
  • Dancing Dust: A hypnotic and atmospheric track that immerses listeners in a world of sonic exploration.

Collaborations and Remixes

Katze's talent extends beyond solo productions, as he has collaborated with notable artists such as Jason Johnson, Patrick Scuro, and Khatune. These collaborations have resulted in remarkable musical fusions that push the boundaries of melodic techno.

In addition to collaborations, Katze has also lent his unique touch to remixes. Notable remixes by Katze include Atmosline's "Rhythm of the Night," DJ Jordan's "Lost in Space," and many more.

Live Performances

Katze's music has taken him to renowned venues across Europe and the United States. Some of his memorable performances include:

  • Barcelona - Private Event: A special and intimate gathering where Katze showcased his talent to a select audience.
  • Berlin - A7: A legendary techno club where Katze mesmerized the crowd with his captivating melodies.
  • Marseille - Baby Club: An energetic and vibrant club where Katze's music ignited the dancefloor.
  • Scarlett Room - Phoenix, USA: A cross-continental adventure where Katze left a lasting impression on the American techno scene.
  • Einsale - Frankfurt, Germany: A techno haven where Katze's music resonated with the German crowd and beyond.

Studio Setup

Katze believes in the power of simplicity when it comes to his studio setup. His minimalist approach allows him to focus on the essence of his music. His studio setup includes:

  • Magic Keyboard from Apple: A sleek and efficient keyboard that enhances his workflow.
  • iMac Overboosted: A powerful computer that ensures smooth production and mastering processes.
  • 3 VST Masters: Katze relies on three essential VST plugins - Diva, Serum, and Nexus - to craft his signature sound.

Fun Fact

Before his musical journey, Katze had a passion for cinema and television. Keep your eyes open if you're in Europe, as you might spot him on TV!

Experience the Magic of Katze's Limited Edition Tracks on SetFreaks

SetFreaks is thrilled to present Katze's exclusive limited edition tracks to his dedicated fan base. By offering music in this unique format, SetFreaks allows Katze to build anticipation and create an unparalleled experience for his fans.

As a DJ, you can elevate your sets by playing tracks that only a select few fortunate DJs have access to. With Katze's music, you can captivate your audience and stand out from the crowd.

Join the SetFreaks community and immerse yourself in the world of Katze's melodic techno masterpieces. Stay tuned for the latest releases and let the music take you on a journey like no other.


FAQs about Katze

Where can fans discover and purchase Katze’s music?

Fans can discover and purchase Katze's limited edition tracks on the SetFreaks platform.

What was Katze’s previous passion before music?

Before music, Katze was involved in cinema and TV show production.

What is Katze’s studio setup like?

Katze's studio setup includes a minimalist approach with a Magic Keyboard from Apple, an overboosted iMac, and three VST plugins - Diva, Serum, and Nexus.

What are some of Katze’s best releases?

Some of Katze's best releases include 'Keneth,' 'Ready to Dream,' 'STC,' and 'Dancing Dust.'

Are there any remixes by Katze?

Yes, Katze has remixed tracks by artists such as Atmosline and DJ Jordan.

Who are some of the artists Katze has collaborated with?

Katze has collaborated with artists such as Jason Jonhson, Patrick Scuro, and Khatune.

Which venues has Katze performed at?

Katze has performed at venues including Barcelona - Private event, Berlin - A7, Marseille - Baby Club, Scarlett Room - Phoenix USA, and Einsale - Germany - Frankfurt.

Which record labels has Katze released music on?

Katze has released music on record labels such as Animarum, Sonaxx, Bionic Room, Reload Black, and Sleepless.

What genre of music does Katze specialize in?

Katze specializes in melodic techno, combining captivating melodies and synthesizers to create his unique sound.

How did Katze start his musical journey?

Katze began his musical journey at a young age with the guitar and piano, eventually forming a rock band called 'O Shoes' and releasing an album.