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About Slackers project

Introducing Slackers Project: A Techno Producer and DJ from Ukraine

SetFreaks is proud to present Slackers Project, a talented techno producer and DJ from Ukraine. With a career spanning over a decade, Slackers Project has worked with renowned record labels and collaborated with some of the industry's great producers. After a brief hiatus, Slackers Project is back with a wave of new releases that are set to captivate electronic music enthusiasts.

A Brief Biography of Slackers Project

Hailing from Ukraine, Slackers Project embarked on his musical journey in 2008. With a passion for techno, he quickly made a name for himself in the industry. Throughout his career, Slackers Project has worked with esteemed labels such as Naked Lunch, Gate Null, Binary 404, Italo Business, and more. His collaborations with artists like Spektre, Tom Hades, Skober, and Andrea Frisina have further solidified his standing in the techno scene.

Although Slackers Project took a break from his career between 2014 and 2022, he is now back and ready to make waves once again. Together with Dachy, he has founded SPD Records, which will serve as the platform for his new releases. This exciting venture allows Slackers Project to regain the spotlight and showcase his artistic growth.

Unveiling Limited Edition Tracks on SetFreaks

SetFreaks, the revolutionary platform for releasing, collecting, and monetizing digital electronic music, is excited to offer Slackers Project's music as limited edition tracks. This unique approach allows artists to build hype around their releases and create an exclusive experience for their fans. By offering limited edition tracks, Slackers Project can truly shine and take center stage on our website.

As a DJ, you can elevate your sets by playing tracks that only a handful of other lucky DJs have access to. This exclusivity adds an element of excitement and rarity to your performances, setting you apart from the rest.

Top Releases from Slackers Project

  • In My Dreams (Original Mix) - A mesmerizing track that takes listeners on a euphoric journey through hypnotic beats and atmospheric melodies.
  • Dark Knight (Original Mix) - Embracing a darker and edgier sound, this track showcases Slackers Project's versatility as a producer.
  • Mountains (Original Mix) - With its pulsating bassline and intricate layers, this track creates a captivating sonic landscape.
  • Hope (Original Mix) - A melodic masterpiece that instills a sense of optimism and positivity through its uplifting melodies.
  • Intelligence (Original Mix) - This track combines intricate rhythms with ethereal elements, creating a hypnotic and thought-provoking sonic experience.
  • Notable Collaborations and Remixes

    Slackers Project has had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed artists in the industry. Some notable collaborations include:

  • New Horizon (Original Mix) - Rich Venom & Slackers Project - A powerful track that merges their unique styles to deliver a high-energy techno anthem.
  • Wave of Madness (Alex di Stefano Remix) - Andrea Frisina, Slackers Project, Pirania - Alex di Stefano's remix adds a new dimension to this already captivating track, creating an intense and driving atmosphere.
  • Save The Nature (Spektre Remix) - Andrea Frisina, Slackers Project, Pirania - Spektre's remix infuses the track with their signature sound, resulting in a powerful and dancefloor-ready rendition.
  • In addition to his collaborations, Slackers Project has also showcased his remixing skills. Some notable remixes include:

  • Back Time (Slackers Project Remix) - M.I.D.I. - Slackers Project puts his unique spin on this track, adding his signature sound and transforming it into a techno masterpiece.
  • Innsbruck (Slackers Project Remix) - Dachy - Slackers Project brings a fresh perspective to this remix, infusing it with his own style and energy.
  • Underworld (Slackers Project Remix) - The Yellowheads - This remix takes the original track to new heights with its driving beats and infectious energy.
  • Studio Setup and Musical Influences

    Slackers Project's studio setup is a testament to his dedication to producing high-quality techno music. Some of the key equipment and software he utilizes include:

  • Synthesizers: Roland TR-8S, Roland SE-02, Behringer TD-3, Moog Subsequent 37, Arturia MicroBrute, Hydrasynth ASM
  • MIDI Controllers: Ableton Push 2, A&H K2
  • Software: Logic Pro, Ableton Live 11
  • VST: Diva, Serum, Avenger
  • Slackers Project draws inspiration from a wide range of techno artists and tracks. Some of his all-time favorite songs include Rebuke's "Dystopia," Lilly Palmer's "We Control," and Zimmz's "Ancient Dream." These tracks showcase his diverse taste and serve as a constant source of inspiration for his own productions.

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    FAQs about Slackers project

    Where can fans discover and collect Slackers Project’s limited edition tracks?

    Fans can discover and collect Slackers Project's limited edition tracks on the SetFreaks platform, which specializes in releasing, collecting, and monetizing digital electronic music.

    Which are Slackers Project’s all-time favorite songs?

    Some of Slackers Project's all-time favorite songs include 'Dystopia' by Rebuke, 'We Control' by Lilly Palmer, and 'Ancient Dream' by Zimmz.

    What is Slackers Project’s studio setup like?

    Slackers Project's studio setup includes synthesizers like Roland TR-8S, Roland SE-02, Behringer TD-3, Moog Subsequent 37, Arturia MicroBrute, and Hydrasynth ASM. He also uses MIDI controllers like Ableton Push 2 and A&H K2, along with software such as Logic Pro and Ableton Live 11.

    What are some of Slackers Project’s best releases?

    Some of Slackers Project's best releases include 'In My Dreams (Original Mix)', 'Dark Knight (Original Mix)', 'Mountains (Original Mix)', 'Hope (Original Mix)', and 'Intelligence (Original Mix)'.

    What are some notable remixes made by Slackers Project?

    Some notable remixes by Slackers Project include 'Back Time' by M.I.D.I., 'Innsbruck' by Dachy, and 'Underworld' by The Yellowheads.

    Who are some of the artists Slackers Project has collaborated with?

    Slackers Project has collaborated with artists like Rich Venom, Andrea Frisina, Pirania, Spektre, Tom Hades, Skober, and more.

    Which venues has Slackers Project performed at?

    Slackers Project has performed at venues like Forsage Kyiv, AMPM Kyiv, Hleb Kyiv, UMF music festival in Chyguiv, and Jara Kharkiv.

    Which record labels has Slackers Project released on?

    Slackers Project has released music on record labels such as SPD Records, Gate Null Records, Phobiq Records, Airborne Black Records, and Ball Room Records.

    When did Slackers Project start his music career?

    Slackers Project started his music career in 2008.