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About Tim Kollberg

Introducing Tim Kollberg: A German Techno Producer Making Waves in the Music Scene

Tim Kollberg, born in 1994 in Düsseldorf, Germany, is a talented and passionate techno producer who has been making his mark in the electronic music industry since 2010. With a deep-rooted love for electronic music, Tim's journey began on a dancefloor, where he was captivated by the energy and atmosphere created by DJs.

Driven by his newfound passion, Tim set out to learn the art of DJing and honed his skills in his home studio. With each passing day, he grew more confident in his abilities, eventually making his debut in small clubs and gaining recognition for his unique sound.

Tim's dedication and commitment to his craft led him to establish his own music community, called Nightlight Sessions, and organize the popular party series, 'Secret Open Air'. Through these platforms, he had the opportunity to collaborate and connect with local DJs and headliners, including T78, Metodi Hristov, DirtySoxXx, and many more.

As his reputation grew, Tim's DJ sets and productions began to reach a wider audience. He performed at renowned venues such as 102 Club in Düsseldorf, Elektroküche Köln, Cube in Düsseldorf, Hans-Bunte Areal in Freiburg, and Nightrooms in Dortmund. With every performance, Tim aimed to unite people with a shared passion for electronic music.

Notable Releases and Labels

Throughout his career, Tim Kollberg has released music on several prominent record labels, solidifying his position as a respected artist in the techno scene. Some of his notable releases include the 'Dimension EP', 'Black Hole', and many more.

Here are a few record labels that have featured Tim's music:

  • Barbur Room
  • Kuukou Records
  • Gain Records

Signature Tracks and Influences

Tim Kollberg draws inspiration from various artists and genres, shaping his unique sound. Some of his all-time favorite songs include Skrillex's "Fine Day," Adam Beyer's "Simulator," and Marco Faraone's "3 DAYS AWAKE." These tracks showcase his diverse taste and the eclectic range of influences that inform his music.

Studio Setup and Production Tools

To bring his musical ideas to life, Tim Kollberg relies on a carefully curated studio setup. Here are some of the tools he uses:

  • Keyboard: KEYLAB 49 Essential
  • Audio Interface: Steinberg UR 22 MK II
  • DAW: Ableton
  • Plug Ins: Serum, Arturia KEYLAB
  • Loops by: LANDR, Splice

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FAQs about Tim Kollberg

Where can fans find Tim Kollberg’s music?

Fans can find Tim's music on platforms like SetFreaks, as well as on various streaming platforms and record stores.

Which plugins does Tim use for his productions?

Tim utilizes plugins such as Serum and Arturia KEYLAB in his music production process.

What is Tim Kollberg’s preferred studio setup?

Tim's preferred studio setup includes the KEYLAB 49 Essential keyboard, Steinberg UR 22 MK II audio interface, and Ableton as his DAW.

What are some of Tim Kollberg’s notable releases?

Some of Tim's notable releases include the 'Dimension EP' and 'Black Hole'.

Which venues has Tim performed at?

Tim has performed at venues like 102 Club in Düsseldorf, Elektroküche Köln, Cube in Düsseldorf, Hans-Bunte Areal in Freiburg, and Nightrooms in Dortmund.

Which record labels has Tim Kollberg released music on?

Tim has released music on record labels such as Barbur Room, Kuukou Records, and Gain Records.

What motivated Tim to become a DJ and producer?

After being captivated by the vibes and atmosphere of the dancefloor, Tim had a dream to play as a DJ in clubs and stages, which motivated him to pursue a career in music.

How did Tim Kollberg first get into electronic music?

Tim discovered his passion for electronic music after experiencing the energy and atmosphere of a dancefloor in a club.