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About YOZÉ

YOZÉ: The electrifying newcomer in the world of Techno

Welcome to SetFreaks, the platform that takes a new approach to releasing, collecting, and monetizing digital electronic music. Our mission is to provide music enthusiasts with limited edition tracks that create hype and exclusivity. Today, we are proud to introduce you to YOZÉ, an Istanbul-based techno Producer/DJ who has been making waves in the techno scene since the end of 2022. With her unique sound and impressive track record, YOZÉ is set to become the next big name in techno music.

About YOZÉ

YOZÉ has quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the techno industry. With less than a year in the scene, she has already signed her tracks to respected labels such as Set About, Animarum, Airborne Black, Pure Black Records, and many more to be announced. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her music, which has been causing serious damage to dance floors worldwide. YOZÉ is also making her mark on the international stage, with her Finland debut and upcoming gigs in Europe.

With a busy release schedule set for the rest of 2023, YOZÉ is excited to share her new tunes with her audience. Her passion for techno is palpable, and her fans can expect a unique and thrilling experience every time they listen to her tracks.

YOZÉ's Releases and Collaborations

YOZÉ's talent and versatility are showcased in her releases on various record labels. Some of her notable releases include:

  • Acidholic
  • Don't Know
  • DeepEnd
  • In My Mind

In addition to her solo work, YOZÉ has collaborated with other artists to create exceptional music. Her collaborations include:

  • A collaboration with 'Erso' for SetAbout (out soon)
  • A collaboration with 'TIWEA' for Dark ID
  • A collaboration with 'SteveC'

Furthermore, YOZÉ has showcased her remixing skills with upcoming remixes for 'Tostone' on Animarum Recordings and 'Julien Earle' for a contest. Her ability to put her unique spin on tracks demonstrates her talent and creativity as a producer.

YOZÉ's Favorite Songs and Studio Setup

As a true techno enthusiast, YOZÉ has her favorite songs that have influenced and inspired her. Some of her all-time favorite songs include:

  • Hollen - Let You Go
  • Signate - Lokomotiv
  • Førehand & MOORAD - People

In terms of her studio setup, YOZÉ keeps it modest yet effective. She works with iLouds or Focal monitors depending on her needs. She also utilizes headphones like AKG K371 and Rhode NTH-100. As an Ableton user, YOZÉ has found her groove and continues to create her signature sound using this software.

A Fun Fact About YOZÉ

Did you know that in the past, YOZÉ was not only a talented techno producer but also a pro bodybuilder and a pro basketball player? Her dedication and discipline in these areas have undoubtedly translated into her pursuit of excellence in music.

Discover YOZÉ's Exclusive Tracks on SetFreaks

At SetFreaks, we are excited to have YOZÉ as part of our platform. Her limited edition tracks will make your DJ sets more exclusive and allow you to captivate your audience with unique sounds. As a fan of YOZÉ, you can now access her releases and be one of the lucky few to experience her music firsthand.

Stay tuned for YOZÉ's upcoming releases and announcements of her gigs in Europe. SetFreaks is proud to support YOZÉ in her journey to becoming a techno icon, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this talented artist.


FAQs about YOZÉ

Where can fans discover YOZÉ’s exclusive tracks?

Fans can discover YOZÉ's exclusive tracks on SetFreaks, the platform that offers limited edition music releases.

What is a fun fact about YOZÉ?

In the past, YOZÉ has been a pro bodybuilder and a pro basketball player.

What is YOZÉ’s studio setup?

YOZÉ works with iLouds or Focal monitors depending on her needs. She also uses headphones like AKG K371 and Rhode NTH-100. She primarily uses Ableton for her music production.

What are some of YOZÉ’s all-time favorite songs?

Some of YOZÉ's all-time favorite songs include 'Hollen - Let You Go', 'Signate - Lokomotiv', and 'Førehand & MOORAD - People'.

Which remixes has YOZÉ made?

YOZÉ has made a remix for 'Tostone' on Animarum Recordings (out soon) and a remix for 'Julien Earle' for a contest (awaiting results).

Who has YOZÉ collaborated with on her tracks?

YOZÉ has collaborated with artists such as 'Erso' for SetAbout, 'TIWEA' for Dark ID, and 'SteveC'.

Which are YOZÉ’s best releases?

Some of YOZÉ's best releases include 'Acidholic', 'Don't Know', 'DeepEnd', and 'In My Mind'.

Where has YOZÉ played her DJ sets?

YOZÉ has played in venues such as El Patron in Helsinki, Kastel and Firin in Istanbul, and NGBG in Sweden.

Which record labels has YOZÉ signed her tracks to?

YOZÉ has signed her tracks to labels such as Set About, Animarum, Airborne Black, Pure Black Records, and more to be announced.

When did YOZÉ start her journey in the techno scene?

YOZÉ started her journey in the techno scene at the end of 2022.