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About Zakari&Blange

Zakari&Blange: Talents from the depths of the Black Forest

SetFreaks is a unique platform that revolutionizes the way digital electronic music is released, collected, and monetized. Unlike traditional methods, SetFreaks focuses on offering limited edition tracks, allowing artists to build hype around their releases and take the spotlight on our website.

One of the featured artists on SetFreaks is Zakari&Blange, the techno duo comprising Farid Zakari and Chris Blange. Hailing from the depths of the Black Forest, their music embodies a pulsating technoid heartbeat that resonates with authenticity and straightforwardness.

About Zakari&Blange

Zakari&Blange's productions are characterized by intense grooves, pumping beats, and hypnotic melodies. They skillfully merge Detroit influences with their own organic sound, resulting in a timeless style that captivates listeners and leaves a lasting impact. With successful releases on renowned labels like Phobiq, AnalyticTrail, Elevate, and Funk'n Deep, Zakari&Blange has garnered support from top-class acts including Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Luigi Madonna, Richie Hawtin, and Marco Bailey.

Their DJ sets are equally impressive, combining energetic tracks and suspense to create an uncompromising journey into the world of techno. Whether it's performing at festivals like Grenzenlos and SeaYou or renowned clubs like Lehmann Club in Stuttgart, Tresor and Ritter Butzke in Berlin, or Rakete in Nuremberg, Zakari&Blange consistently deliver electrifying performances that showcase their characteristic sound.

Highlights and Achievements

Throughout their career, Zakari&Blange have achieved significant milestones:

  • Released on Record labels: Analytictrail, Codex, Orange Recordings, Complexed, 100% Pure
  • Played in venues: Sea You, Nordstern, Hansbunte, Ritter Butzke, Lehmann
  • Best releases from this artist: Evil Dance, Spacegrinder, Star Tail, Rainbow Chain, Rise Above
  • Remixes made by this artist: Oliver Koletzki - Ipuza, The Montini Experience - My House is your House, Gaga - Black Shape
  • All-time favorite songs of this artist: The Advent - Format (Marco Faraone Remix), Rene Wise - Changa, Uncertain - Charge
  • Studio setup: Moog Sub37, Korg Minilouge, Behringer Edge, Roland Trs 8, Elctron Cycles, Strymon Sky, Genelec 1031A Speakers, and more.

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FAQs about Zakari&Blange

1. What is Zakari&Blange’s studio setup like?

Zakari&Blange's studio setup includes equipment such as the Moog Sub37, Korg Minilouge, Behringer Edge, Roland Trs 8, Elctron Cycles, Strymon Sky, and Genelec 1031A Speakers.

2. What are some of Zakari&Blange’s all-time favorite songs?

Some of Zakari&Blange's all-time favorite songs include 'The Advent - Format (Marco Faraone Remix),' 'Rene Wise - Changa,' and 'Uncertain - Charge.'

3. Which artists have Zakari&Blange remixed?

Zakari&Blange has remixed tracks by artists such as Oliver Koletzki ('Ipuza'), The Montini Experience ('My House is your House'), and Gaga ('Black Shape').

4. What are some of Zakari&Blange’s best releases?

Some of Zakari&Blange's best releases include 'Evil Dance,' 'Spacegrinder,' 'Star Tail,' 'Rainbow Chain,' and 'Rise Above.'

5. Where have Zakari&Blange performed live?

Zakari&Blange has performed at various venues and festivals including Sea You, Nordstern, Hansbunte, Ritter Butzke, Lehmann, and more.

6. Who are some of the top-class acts that support Zakari&Blange’s music?

Zakari&Blange receives support from renowned artists like Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Luigi Madonna, Richie Hawtin, and Marco Bailey.

7. Which record labels have Zakari&Blange released music on?

Zakari&Blange has released music on internationally known labels such as Phobiq, AnalyticTrail, Elevate, Funk'n Deep, and more.

8. What sets Zakari&Blange’s music apart from other techno artists?

Zakari&Blange's music combines rousing grooves, pumping beats, chords, and hypnotic melodies, merging Detroit influences with their own organic sound to create a unique and timeless style.

9. How did Zakari&Blange come together as a techno duo?

Zakari&Blange is a collaboration between Farid Zakari and Chris Blange, who joined forces to create straightforward and authentic techno music.