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Experience a new way to release and monetize your music with an exclusive twist

Securely sell strictly limited edition tracks and create the ultimate hype around your next release

Release your new track with a limited amount of digital copies. Give your tracks extra buzz, your fellow DJs the chance to make their sets more exclusive, and your biggest fans a unique way to expand their music collection. Many artists nowadays view their releases more as promotional material for their career, rather than a revenue generating product itself. At SetFreaks, we offer both.

Stand out with your limited edition music
Create the ultimate hype around your release
Together we'll create a fitting release plan for you
Know upfront what you can earn
Join us and become part of the newest and most innovative way to
promote, monetize and release music
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Don't get lost in those thousands of tracks released on music platforms every day. At SetFreaks, your tracks will get the exposure that they deserve. Together we'll create a fitting release plan for you and you will know upfront what you can earn with your production. No hidden fees.

How much can I earn?

Use the sliders to find out how much you can earn from the sale of your SetFreaks release. We believe in transparency. So, we made this tool for everyone to see the costs we make for each release. Most of these we have to pay to third parties, for example credit card fees during customer payments, or the unique watermark that is embedded in every download. The costs are always recoupable, meaning you never have to pay us anything up front to release, but we will deduct the costs before we pay your share of the sales.

As always, if you have any questions please contact us via the website chat or

Sold copies
Track price
Sales result
€599.25 (discounts not included)
€79.00 per release
  • Digital distribution
  • Release on streaming platforms
  • Piracy scan 4 months
  • Artwork
  • Promotional assets for social media
  • Previews with audio logo
  • Video production
  • Promotion and marketing
€0.99 per copy
  • Watermarking
  • Fingerprinting
  • Transaction fees
SetFreaks logo
= €223.00
+ income from streaming and publishing of course!