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About Drumsauw

Drumsauw: The Rise of a Techno Powerhouse on SetFreaks

Drumsauw, the brainchild of English techno artist Joseph Sutherland, has taken the electronic music scene by storm. Despite his recent entry into the genre, Sutherland has already made a significant impact on the techno world with his unique sound and powerful tracks. SetFreaks, the innovative platform for limited edition electronic music, is the perfect home for Drumsauw's growing discography.

Early Beginnings

Joseph Sutherland began his musical journey over a decade ago, producing Hard Dance under the alias Side E-Fect. His earlier work featured massive kick drums and techno-influenced production, which would later serve as the foundation for Drumsauw. Sutherland's hard dance releases gained international acclaim, landing on leading labels and earning him bookings worldwide.

Transition to Techno

As techno tracks became a staple in his harder DJ sets, Sutherland's love for slower music grew, leading to the formation of Drumsauw in 2017. The English production wunderkind quickly gained international recognition with support from major techno artists worldwide.

Impressive Releases and Label Success

In just a few years, Drumsauw has released chart-topping techno tracks on labels such as Planet Rhythm, IAMT, Orange Recordings, Reload Records, and more. His releases have landed on numerous compilations, showcasing his wide-ranging appeal and production prowess.

Top 5 Drumsauw Tracks

  1. Drop Out Original Mix – Planet Rhythm
  2. Crypto Original Mix – Planet Rhythm
  3. Echoes Original Mix – Say What?
  4. The Voice Original Mix – AnalyticTrail
  5. Renegade Original Mix – Planet Rhythm

Global Fanbase and Most Played Regions

Drumsauw's fanbase spans across countries and continents, with top audience locations including:

  1. Germany - 19.19%
  2. Mexico - 11.32%
  3. United States - 8.06%
  4. Colombia - 5.95%
  5. Netherlands - 5.95%
  6. Italy - 4.61%
  7. Poland - 4.22%
  8. Spain - 3.07%
  9. Australia - 3.07%
  10. United Kingdom - 2.88%

A Staple in Iconic Clubs and Festivals

Drumsauw's captivating performances have graced stages at some of the most iconic clubs and festivals, such as:

  1. Awakenings Festival, Netherlands
  2. Gashouder, Netherlands
  3. Fabrik Madrid, Spain
  4. Tomorrowland, Belgium
  5. 909 Festival

SetFreaks and Drumsauw: A Perfect Partnership

As SetFreaks revolutionizes the way electronic music is released, collected, and monetized, it serves as the ideal platform for Drumsauw's limited edition tracks. This partnership allows Drumsauw to build hype around his releases and maintain the spotlight on the platform. DJs who secure these exclusive tracks can elevate their sets, making them stand out from the crowd.

Drumsauw's meteoric rise in the techno world is a testament to his talent and dedication. With a growing global fanbase and an impressive catalog of releases on top labels, the future is undoubtedly bright for Drumsauw. Keep an eye on SetFreaks for his latest limited edition tracks and watch as this techno powerhouse continues to soar.


FAQs about Drumsauw

What are Drumsauw’s future plans, and can fans anticipate any new releases, events, or projects in the works?

While we can't predict the exact details of Drumsauw's future plans, fans can anticipate new releases as he continues to grow and evolve as an artist. Additionally, they can look forward to more live performances and possibly new projects, collaborations, or ventures as Drumsauw's career progresses.

How does Drumsauw prepare for live performances, and what can fans expect from his DJ sets?

Drumsauw likely prepares for live performances by curating a diverse setlist that showcases his range as a producer and DJ. Fans can expect high-energy performances featuring his most popular tracks, as well as exclusive remixes and unreleased material that keeps his sets fresh and exciting.

Are there any specific themes or messages that Drumsauw aims to convey through his music?

Drumsauw's music primarily focuses on delivering powerful, energetic techno tracks that captivate listeners. While specific themes or messages might vary between tracks, his music generally aims to evoke emotion and provide a unique, immersive experience for fans.

What have been some of Drumsauw’s most memorable moments or milestones in his career so far?

Some of Drumsauw's most memorable moments or milestones might include his first international booking, charting on Beatport's Techno charts, and performing at iconic clubs and festivals like Awakenings Festival and Tomorrowland.

How does Drumsauw stay connected with his growing fanbase and foster engagement with his audience?

Drumsauw may stay connected with his growing fanbase through social media, engaging with fans via platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He could also use email newsletters, live streams, and appearances at events to foster engagement and maintain a strong connection with his audience.

Can fans expect any collaborations between Drumsauw and other prominent techno artists in the future?

Although there are no confirmed collaborations at the moment, it's always possible that Drumsauw will team up with other prominent techno artists in the future. As his career continues to grow, fans can look forward to potential collaborations and joint projects.

What is Drumsauw’s process for creating new tracks, and how does he approach each production?

Drumsauw's process for creating new tracks likely involves a combination of experimentation, inspiration, and technical skill. He may start with a specific idea or sound in mind, then build the track around it using his production finesse and knowledge of techno music.

Which artists and DJs have had the most significant influence on Drumsauw’s sound and style?

While specific influences on Drumsauw's sound and style are not publicly disclosed, his work is likely inspired by a range of techno artists and DJs. Drumsauw's music showcases an innovative fusion of techno elements, suggesting a diverse set of influences from the genre.

How did the name “Drumsauw” originate, and what does it signify?

The name "Drumsauw" is a play on the words "drum" and "saw," representing the powerful kick drums and cutting-edge techno sounds that characterize his music. It's a fitting name that captures the essence of his unique sound.

What inspired Joseph Sutherland to transition from Hard Dance to Techno music?

Joseph Sutherland's transition from Hard Dance to Techno music was inspired by his growing love for slower music and the techno tracks he frequently played during his DJ sets. He saw it as a natural progression to explore this new genre that he was passionate about.