Peak Time Techno II by Filterheadz

Peak Time Techno II

Khatune, Drumsauw, Anela Dj, djseanEboy, Tony Romanello, Drumcomplex, Filterheadz

LabelSetFreaks Records
Pre-release Date27 May 2024
37th Street
50 copies
35 copies
35 copies
75 copies
25 copies
The Truth
50 copies
Hold Me
75 copies
Limited amount of copies
Personalized certificate
Multiple secure payment methods
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pre-release music on SetFreaks?

If you are part of a label, create an account on our website and make sure you sign up as a label and fill in the application form as best as you can. If you are an artist, contact the label where you release your music to set up a pre-release on SetFreaks.

Can every label use SetFreaks’ pre-release music service?

No, every label that wants to use SetFreaks’ service will have to fill in a form to be verified through a manual background check.

Why are the tracks priced higher than on other download sites?

Because it’s an exclusive pre-release with a limited amount of copies, tracks on SetFreaks will have a higher price point than the regular release in all other stores. 

What security measures are in place to keep the music from leaking or otherwise unauthorized sharing?

Each track has a unique watermark and digital fingerprint, in combination with 24/7 scanning with recognition software against potential leaks. We also have implemented a customer ID verification system which is mandatory for customers who want to purchase music.

Will tracks that are sold out be available elsewhere?

Pre-release music on SetFreaks will be available on all music stores and download platforms of the label’s choosing, after a minimum timeframe of 8 weeks. Some tracks on SetFreaks are labeled as limited edition only and will only be available on SetFreaks for download.

Why do I need to verify my identity on SetFreaks?

ID verification is a necessary step to ensure that every purchase on SetFreaks is secure. This process helps protect against the unauthorized sharing of pre-releases, ensuring that these remain exclusive to legitimate buyers.

Here’s why we require ID verification:

  1. Protecting Exclusive Releases: By verifying the identity of our users, we ensure that only authorized customers can access exclusive pre-releases. This preserves the uniqueness of these early releases and prevents piracy.
  2. One-time Process: The ID verification is required only once for each account. Once you complete it, you won’t need to go through the process again for future purchases, making it more convenient for you.
  3. Quick and Easy: Completing the ID verification is straightforward. You simply need to take a selfie and a picture of your passport or ID card. It generally takes about 5 minutes to get verified.
  4. Ensuring a Safer Experience: This process helps us maintain a secure and safe shopping environment for our legitimate users, protecting both your interests and the interests of the artists who provide the music.

We understand the importance of ease and security for our users, and through ID verification, we aim to balance these priorities effectively.

Can everybody purchase music on SetFreaks?

No, only when you have an ID verified SetFreaks profile, you will be able to purchase music on SetFreaks. When purchasing your first pre-release, you will be required to complete this ID verification. This is a one-time process, ensuring ease of access for future purchases.

What do I receive when purchasing a track?

You will receive the track in the format of your choosing (mp3/wav/aiff) and a personalized certificate with your name and extra information, such as the limited edition ID and a message from the label/artist.

What is the time between the pre-release and the official release of a track?

The minimum period between the pre-release and the official release of a track is 8 weeks, beginning from when the pre-release is first available on our SetFreaks platform.

What does exclusive pre-release music mean?

Exclusive pre-release music means that the tracks found on our website are available to purchase before the official release of that track. The pre-releases are only available on our platform and can only be purchased and/or streamed outside of SetFreaks after the official release. Therefore, DJ’s can make their sets more exclusive by playing tracks found on SetFreaks before their official release date.